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Chumbak / MooCow pattern
Chumbak / People of India case
Chumbak / MooCow iPad sleeve
Chumbak / People of India pattern
Chumbak / MooCow shower cap
Chumbak / MooCow travel pillow
Chumbak / Uttarayan pattern
Chumbak / Chai mug
Chumbak / Chai pattern
Chumbak / MooCow iPad sleeve detail

Chumbak patterns + merchandise design

Graphic interpretation of the Indian daily living habits and the cultural background,
and Pattern design around the theme.
The designs have been applied to the brand's lifestyle accessories and garments from
the 2011/2012 collection onwards.

Chai Pattern: chai is the spicy indian tea,

as well as the most famous and beloved
sip of the Nation

Uttarayan pattern: every january the kite festival (Uttarayan) is filling the indian skies with its colours and delicate shapes

Moo Cow pattern: indian cows... ubiquitous and misterious!

People of India pattern: Interpreting the indian-ness of indian People

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